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The fast food matrix has you

Before I get into this, I just want everyone to know that when I read Fast Food Nation, all it really did was make me crave McDonalds Chicken Nuggets.  Like, a lot.  I don't know what that says about my character, personality, will-power, etc. but at least I didn't act on the urge.  At least not right away.  I waited two weeks and then got the 50 nugget deal and washed it down with a large fry. 

As the shame and regret of what I'd just done began to set in, I started thinking about this stuff we consume by the ton per year.  The first thing that jumped into my mind, besides the start of a nugget induced blood clot, was a quote from The Matrix back in 1999.  It goes like this:  Cypher (played by the adorable Italian Joey Pants) is having a conversation with Elrond about reality vs. Rivendell, or something like that.  During the conversation, he takes a sip of what can only be Chianti, leans back, and says:

"You know, I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that whe…