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A Call for Prayer

Before asking for your help, let me explain my relationship with the people that I am requesting prayer for.

I have known David Spears practically my entire life.  We used to play Army when we were kids.  I spent the time working on my German accent, but David would devise elaborate tactical battle plans for both us and our army men.  David has always had a military mind.  He put that mind to good use in battle for our country in Iraq.  He's used it effectively since then as well.  His strategic thinking has helped him support a wife, twin boys, and a home buying experience, all while working and going to school.

David is an excellent Godly example of a righteous man.  When my son is old enough, I will point to David as an example and my son will benefit from David's integrity.

Michael Lortz and I also used to play Army men.  Michael would always count his at the end to make sure I hadn't stolen any.  Wrestling matches would usually ensue.  But enough about last weekend.