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Short Story: Tweet Relief

I think the difference between being a kid and being an adult is the position from which you view the sky.  It's  odd that thought would float through my mind right now.  I always wanted my final thoughts to be stirring, emotional or somehow life affirming.  Instead, the only thing I can think about is how much bigger the world feels when you view the sky from your back.

10 minutes prior, none of this was on my mind.  I was thinking about tweeting vaguely partisan sentiments about a recent stump speech I'd caught part of.  It seemed paramount to make my voice heard on this subject.  After all, 300 followers were probably patiently waiting to see where I'd come down on the issues. Oh yes, I'm that important.  I pictured 300 people patiently waiting, phones lifted to glassy eyes.  The blue glare from monitors reflecting off hundreds of neck-beards the nation over.  I picked up my phone.

It's not really that hard to use your phone while you're driving.  That's…