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Stray Observations

There are few things more annoying than self proclaimed, "Social Technology Experts."  If there's one thing that everyone should realize when it comes to social media and social technology, it's that none of us are experts.  The landscape is constantly shifting and changing.  We are all students.  Those who listen and learn, adapt and change, will be successful. Watching Angelo clamor for food is probably one of the most entertaining parts of my day.  In the 2 hours I get to spend with him a day, requests for food easily make up 115 minutes.  He's a growing boy.  Please, God, let him be a growing boy...I am really jealous of my Dad right now.  He's going to be winging his way across the pacific northwest landscape in a WWII era B-17 bomber.  If  737's are the Honda Civics of the flight world, the B-17 is definitely a 1970, 4 speed, Hemi Plymouth Barracuda.  Speaking of flying, what if I jumped out of a plane, pulled my ripcord, and a cell phone, ipad, lap…