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That big silver screen in the sky

Some guys and I decided to read through the Belgic confession this year. I know what you're thinking: "But Jesse! You never finish anything!" You're right to say that internet person, and thank you for stating it. Now it's out there, you can shut up.

Anyway, the last article talks about the end of days and how everyone will be milling around on judgment day getting, well, judged. Part of this judgement process seems to be the bringing to light all the acts of the individual being judged. For some reason that just hit me really hard.

Think about it. You're there, your friends are all there, your family, your kids, wife, everyone. And they're sitting there watching a slideshow of your life. Not a Scrubs finale slideshow, but a hard core, gritty, dirty, filthy reel of every dark private moment, thought, feeling, and action to ever take place in your life.

That time you came to Church hung over, the time you laid down a profanity laced smack down on s…

That Freedom Ring You're Hearing Is A Death Knell

Yesterday, Judge Vaughan Walker overturned proposition 8 in California. A commenter on one news site said, "Amen, hallelujah, let freedom ring for everyone!" This brings into view a despicable tactic used by supporters of the homosexual agenda. They cast themselves as "freedom fighters," on par with groups that ended slavery and segregation. It creates an environment that lets them call anyone who disagrees with them bigots, extremists, homophobes, fascists, etc. After all, who wants to stifle freedom?

As Christians, we are really the only group entirely able to experience true freedom. We know what it means. We have a moral code that guides us in it's meaning, the Bible. Through God's word we realize that although we're able to do all things, not all things are lawful for us. Trying to attain freedom in the absence of this absolute, true moral code is really just shackling yourself to sin and death.

In the book of Judges, one phrase rings part…