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Why did a show so great as the x-files meet such a normal t.v. epic demise?

Growing up in the mid ninties was a welcome relief for the craziness the mid eighties offered. It also was the starting point of the most epic television series ever. The X-files. The x-files had everything you could possible want out of television. Mystery, suspense, drama, romance, intrigue. It was all there. It was even comical at times. And not the un-intentional ER type comedy either, where Luca cracks some weak Croation joke and everyone laughs. That's not funny because of the joke, it's just funny because Luca trying to do anything other than looking angsty and petulant is comedy gold.

The X-files was shown in the same time slot as similar shows such as, "The Nowhere Man," "The Sentinel," "Time Trax," and "The Pretender." It outlasted all of these series for one reason. No matter what, waning ratings, foul critiques etc., David Duchovnies mediocre movie roles, the show always stuck to it's tried and true format. Not …

Caught this

In Sun River on vacation with my buddy.

Jesse's Spaghetti

First thing you need is a kitchen..

Break out all your ingredients and strew them around to make it look like you know what you're doing

Grab a pound of veal and a pound of Italian hot sausage. I usually use about 1/2 these packs.

Put into frypans and turn your heat to just above medium.

Slice up two fresh garlic cloves, reall thin like. toss them into the pans with the meat. It will melt right in and it taste and smells like heaven.

Slice up some Roma tomatoes.

Add them to the tomato paste along with garlic, parsley, oregano, parmesan, and a cup of red wine. Put some balsamic in there too if you're really crazy :)

Add the spaghetti to a pot of boiling water and take your cooked meat and add it to the sauce. Set the sauce to low heat, I use setting 2. Wait for your noodles to cook and constantly stir the sauce to keep it from burning.

Add sauce and enjoy

Some AWESOME pics....

or not awesome......IF YOU'RE A LOSER!