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Why did a show so great as the x-files meet such a normal t.v. epic demise?

Growing up in the mid ninties was a welcome relief for the craziness the mid eighties offered. It also was the starting point of the most epic television series ever. The X-files. The x-files had everything you could possible want out of television. Mystery, suspense, drama, romance, intrigue. It was all there. It was even comical at times. And not the un-intentional ER type comedy either, where Luca cracks some weak Croation joke and everyone laughs. That's not funny because of the joke, it's just funny because Luca trying to do anything other than looking angsty and petulant is comedy gold.

The X-files was shown in the same time slot as similar shows such as, "The Nowhere Man," "The Sentinel," "Time Trax," and "The Pretender." It outlasted all of these series for one reason. No matter what, waning ratings, foul critiques etc., David Duchovnies mediocre movie roles, the show always stuck to it's tried and true format. Not …

Caught this

In Sun River on vacation with my buddy.

Jesse's Spaghetti

First thing you need is a kitchen..

Break out all your ingredients and strew them around to make it look like you know what you're doing

Grab a pound of veal and a pound of Italian hot sausage. I usually use about 1/2 these packs.

Put into frypans and turn your heat to just above medium.

Slice up two fresh garlic cloves, reall thin like. toss them into the pans with the meat. It will melt right in and it taste and smells like heaven.

Slice up some Roma tomatoes.

Add them to the tomato paste along with garlic, parsley, oregano, parmesan, and a cup of red wine. Put some balsamic in there too if you're really crazy :)

Add the spaghetti to a pot of boiling water and take your cooked meat and add it to the sauce. Set the sauce to low heat, I use setting 2. Wait for your noodles to cook and constantly stir the sauce to keep it from burning.

Add sauce and enjoy

Some AWESOME pics....

or not awesome......IF YOU'RE A LOSER!

I've got your number Credit Yes dot com

Okay so this morning I heard this commercial for credit yes dawt cawm. Stupidest ever. What's the most powerful word in the English language? The answer: Yes. Will I live in a big house? YES! Will I have lot's of money? YES! Will I own a nice car? YES! I can only assume that by "yes" they really meant, "possibly, it depends on how hard you're willing to work for it and what God has in store for you." You see, their logic falls apart as soon as I ask the question, "Will credit yes dot com stop making stupid retarded commercials?" The answer is, "There's not a chance in hell."

Here's what get's me. I get the motivation behind these spots. They are SO annoying that you literally cannot help but think about them. It probably works way more than making a good commercial, which is an art. However, not everyone appreciates art and art is very subjective anyway. Annoying, on the other hand, is something that everyon…

To buy or not to buy

Well there you have it. If I get this I'll be about 100 gigs over a 1 terabyte of storage. What do I need all this for you ask? Nevermind. I just hooked up the new pc to the tv last night and it's working awesome. Nothing like running your Geforce 6800 gt as a TV card LOL. Anyway, it's at times like these where I have my finger hovering over the "buy" button, that I hear my wifes voice in my head. Screaming....and screaming.....and screaming. I'm taking my finger off the button. Why? Because I have to buy Christmas presents. And Christmas is not about me.....yet. That will come later after my plan to usurp "Santa Clause" as father Christmas unfolds. Anyway, here's hoping some of you out there can use this. It really is a spectacular deal. Mainly because it's a SATA drive.


Okay internet friends, I'm sure most of you know by now that thanksgiving holiday is nearly upon us. Like a beast from the depths it rises up, consuming the wooden ships of our pocketbooks. Like the great Krakken, it's tentacles of turkey en-wrap my innards with their tasty goodness. The great white mash potato shark eagerly gulps down the last remaining survivors of my will power. I am once again looking forward to being nearly crushed under my own massive weight after another feeding frenzy.

It's at this point that I'd like to make the announcment that I am starting a new holiday to compete with this yearly juggernaut of gravy and meat. I am calling it "Thankstaking." If you read that quickly it looks kind of like thanks stalking, which we'll get to later. I'm tired of the endless parade of people sucking up to each other, thanking each other for each menial deed done over the course of the year. If there's one thing I hate, it's a br…

ER: Is dead

NBC has made their mark on our culture. They've done it by creating a catch phrase that spans two generations so far. That is an undertaking that only a multi billion dollar company could hope to have any success doing. They've done it by repeatedly pounding into our heads that Thursday is the home of MUST SEE T.V.!

Let's examine that phrase. MUST see. Do you really need to see it? Well, if you're to have any clue on what everyone's talking about at work the next day, yeah, you do. I can imagine those execs sitting around the board table brainstorming, "we need something catchy that rhymes with must see!" "Wait I've got it! TV!" While a ray of sun beams down into the room and a choir of angels sings halleluja.

The show that has anchored the lineup of "Must see tv" shows for 12 years is ER, short for "Emergency Room." A bland title that belies that complexity of situations this normal looking Chicago city ER dea…

Friday Night Lights for fun and profit

Well, fall is in the air. This means we can count on 2 things. Yankee hate, and crappy T.V. shows that somehow have television and radio advertisments that sound a little like this: *voice rife with intense passion* "This Tuesday, watch the show that has captured the very soul of the heart of America. *cue snippet from the show* It's kids like you that make me want to coach football and and do crazy, college football stuff!" *voice* Friday night lights is the most powerful show in American history. See the show critics are calling, Riveting, delightful, Orgasmic. *snippet from show* I just don't know how to quit you Ebert and Roepper say that it should replace learning in schools. The New York Times says, "Kyle Chandler will win this years Academy Awards for best actor not in a movie, as well as, Best actor in a movie. He makes us feel tingly in our giblets." *passionate voice* Friday Night Lights, if you miss it, you might as well commit suicide.

Let me tel…