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Friday Night Lights for fun and profit

Well, fall is in the air. This means we can count on 2 things. Yankee hate, and crappy T.V. shows that somehow have television and radio advertisments that sound a little like this: *voice rife with intense passion* "This Tuesday, watch the show that has captured the very soul of the heart of America. *cue snippet from the show* It's kids like you that make me want to coach football and and do crazy, college football stuff!"
*voice* Friday night lights is the most powerful show in American history. See the show critics are calling, Riveting, delightful, Orgasmic. *snippet from show* I just don't know how to quit you Ebert and Roepper say that it should replace learning in schools. The New York Times says, "Kyle Chandler will win this years Academy Awards for best actor not in a movie, as well as, Best actor in a movie. He makes us feel tingly in our giblets." *passionate voice* Friday Night Lights, if you miss it, you might as well commit suicide.

Let me tell you about this show. It's slotted from 9:00pm to 10:00pm. That means you get like 35 minutes of actual show. Those 35 minutes are basically spots of young boys working out on the football field, or the gym, or young testosterone ridden jocks coming THIS CLOSE to throwing the punch that could ruin a friendship. It's basically what it would look like if your highschool football team was sponsored by BALCO. Anyway, these spots are punctuated by long, and I do mean LONG, shots of angsty looking people with a question in their eyes. Will the young quarterback get up? Will our team come back to win? Will there be ridiculous sounding acoustic guitar playing? The answer to all these questions is always yes. These are the shots, you know the ones, where all the noise except for the ridiculously gay acoustic guitar or piano, fades away and we're left looking at what is supposed be a particularly moving moment. All it really does is make me want to punch a nun in the chest. Or the one where you hear the grunts and groans of young boys pushing up against each other while some of the others sprint down the field and wait for the inevitable hail mary from the good looking, but not overly smart quarterback, and the noise fades away again while some angsty melody plays and the ball slowly works it's way inbetween 5 defenders into the waiting arms of the underdog wide receiver who's mother is dying of cancer but made it to the game anyways. Yes folks, Mark Foley is a fan. I checked.

Emo football television shows on primetime should be taken out behind the stadium and shot. Repeatedly. However, I'm giving this show 4 out of 5 stars. Why? Well, it's my blog so I'll do it if I want. But honestly? It's because they pray. They pray real hard. It's borderline idolotrous since it's prayer for help with winning the "big game" which in the scope of things doesn't matter all that much I suppose, but it's prayer none the less. And let me tell you, it's an awesome thing to watch. They pray, and there's no laugh track behind it, there's no witty annecdotes being served up via the prayer, in short, they're not MOCKING it. They are portraying it. It's looks the same as if one of us were to kneel down at a football game and pray. It's an amazing sight to behold. It's written by Peter Berg, so let's give him a hand, and pray that his writing prayer into these episodes is the work of Jesus Christ in his heart. A hearty thank you Peter and here's to many more episodes portraying the worship of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in a time when many would rather just shove him under the rug.

Incidentally, the music on the show, which I'm listening to right now by the way, is from a band called Explosions In The Sky. They're an instrumental band from Texas. You'll also hear a song, if you watch the pilot, by a group by the name of Daniel Lanois. Excellent stuff. That is all.


  1. Out of curiosity, do the prayers mention members of the Trinity such as Father, Son, Jesus, etc.?

  2. Yes, they even say the Lords prayer in it's entirety. Good times.


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