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A Call for Prayer

Before asking for your help, let me explain my relationship with the people that I am requesting prayer for.

I have known David Spears practically my entire life.  We used to play Army when we were kids.  I spent the time working on my German accent, but David would devise elaborate tactical battle plans for both us and our army men.  David has always had a military mind.  He put that mind to good use in battle for our country in Iraq.  He's used it effectively since then as well.  His strategic thinking has helped him support a wife, twin boys, and a home buying experience, all while working and going to school.

David is an excellent Godly example of a righteous man.  When my son is old enough, I will point to David as an example and my son will benefit from David's integrity.

Michael Lortz and I also used to play Army men.  Michael would always count his at the end to make sure I hadn't stolen any.  Wrestling matches would usually ensue.  But enough about last weekend. 

I can distinctly remember Roseanne passing by Michael's room and rolling her 4 year old eyes at us before heading off to play the piano or read a book.  She has always excelled at everything she's put her hand to.  I will always remember Roseanne as being the standard by which all other girls measured their success at the piano, schoolwork, baking, etc.  I remember thinking that whoever married Rose would be marrying far outside of their station.  She has been a good friend, who has always had good advice, and above all, she has turned into a Godly, virtuous woman.  I still live in fear of the Rose eye roll.

Roseanne and David married last year.  When David told me he was engaged to Rose, my reaction was something like, "of course you are!"  It made so much sense, and everyone was genuinely excited for this match.  If there is one thing that was guaranteed to come from this marriage, it would be results.  Roseanne and David are built to change the world.  They are, what corporate America would label, power players.

Sure enough, soon after the wedding came the announcement that Roseanne was pregnant.  In typical Lortz/Spears fashion though, she wasn't just a normal kind of pregnant.  No, they would be twins!  Again, my reaction was, "of course she's having twins."  It made all the sense in the world.

Roseanne and David gave birth to beautiful, strong baby boys just a week after my son had arrived.  We greeted them with joy and a knowledge that they are destined for great things.  Adam and Oliver. 

Over the next few days, Adam will be undergoing a series of surgeries, tests, etc. to correct a condition that the doctors have found.  Rose, David, and the boys all need you prayer.  The Bible teaches us that "the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective."  So you need to do two things:

1.  Be Righteous
2.  Pray for the Spears family

That is all.  That is your mission.  Go forth and conquer.

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